Olt Oicher—Olympics posters

Olt Oicher—Munich Olympics 1972 Posters

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We take pride in our work and believe successful solutions require dedication, good communication with the client and attention to detail. We deliver strong, concept-driven design for our clients differentiating them from their competitors.


Home Chemistry 101

Natalie Clark/ 6thfloorstudio—Chemistry Spice Rack

Wonderful chemistry-style spice racks and storage items from Natalie Clark at 6th Floor Studio. See more here.

Wine bottle packaging

Lazarus Wine—Braille packaging

Please explain: Typography

Steven Heller & Jonathan Hoefler explain typography

Penguin & Pelican book covers


Penguin & Pelican book-cover collection

Park Chan-Girl—Steel sculptures

Park Chan-Girl

Russian short stories—Book cover

No credit for designer/ illustrator unfortunately. Found here.

Serenity in soap & water

Lap of Luxury remix

Gwen Stefani – Luxurious ( Lapalux’s bootleg remix) by Lapalux

Olt Oicher—Olympics posters

Olt Oicher—Munich Olympics 1972 Posters

Food glorious food!

Arthur and Aleksandra

Music from sand

Diego Stocco – Music From Sand from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.


RYRA Studio

Alexey Brodovitch—Typography

Alexey Brodovitch